Prospero Fund Management Software

Prospero Fund Management Software is a complete, ready-to-use solution that allows you to be fully operational to especially manage and administer unlimited number of funds and unit trusts. Prospero fund is also a Hedge Fund Trading Software ideal for investors.

Fund Distribution Benchmarking Pre-Trade and
Post-Trade Checks
Fee Calculation
Web Access
Trade processing
and settlement
Client Statements
and Confirmations
Fund Reporting
and Fact Sheets
Report Writer
Prospero Fund Fund
NAV Calculation IFRS Compliance Mirrors
Custodian's Positions
Investors Reporting
Finance Reporting

Prospero Fund functional coverage matrix

Cash Deposits DCDs Loans IRS Forex
Derivatives New issues IPOs Stocks Bonds
CDs FRNs T-Bills Convertibles Commodities Private
Funds Hedge Funds Islamic
Real Estate Artwork Direct

Prospero Fund coverage


  • Operates as a stand-alone system or integrates seamlessly with a legacy system or other Prospero Solutions
  • Compliant with IFRS accounting standards
  • Supports all types of funds and all asset classes
  • Totally scalable: no limitation in terms of number of funds and number of investors
  • Allows online subscriptions and redemptions with flexible time periods
  • Lets you create investment restrictions and monitor compliance online
  • Lets you view fund performance for any period of time
  • Offers many types of fee calculations for any frequency such as performance fees, fees with hurdle rate, fees with high water mark, and management fees
  • Calculates NAV for a number of fund structures in any base currency at any frequency
  • Allows calculation of trial NAV and rollback NAV before publishing
  • Handles fund administration, including an integrated real-time general ledger, and supports shareholder recordkeeping and corporate action processing
  • Handles funds restrictions and limitations such as periods, cut-off times, minimum amounts, regulatory checks and many more
  • Lets you define interfaces with all necessary third parties
  • Offers detailed analytics that calculate your performance relative to a benchmark’s
  • Comes with a full set of standard reports for both current and  historical periods, and lets you customize your own reports

Additional Functionality for Islamic Funds

  • Supports all asset classes that adhere to Islamic laws, allowing investment in Islamic liability products, asset products, real estate, private equity funds and limited partnerships
  • Allows you to create two segregated universes of financial instruments–Islamic and non-Islamic—and warns you if you try to select a non-Sharia-compliant instrument for a Sharia-compliant fund
  • Offers pre-trade and post-trade alerts to help you maintain compliance with Sharia law
  • Supports the Hijri calendar
  • Offers Islamic fund accounting
  • Allows you to send reports and fact sheets to clients in Arabic

Potential Users

  • Fund administrators
  • Prime brokers
  • Custodians
  • Fund managers

Get Started Quickly with our Preconfigured Model!

Our preconfigured models are programmed with specific parameters–in this case, pre-defined fund distribution channels and workflows, balance sheets and trial balance reports, as well as mapping of funds' entries in the general ledger according to IFRS standards. These parameters allow you to experience Prospero straight “from the box” with little setup work required. They can be changed as needed.

Prospero - fund management software