Prospero is a suite of solutions precisely fitted to the needs of specific segments of the financial services industry. Even with today’s standardized and regulated financial environment; each bank, each financial institution remains different.

With Prospero’s unique flexibility, we cover your exact needs—from medium to large firms, from simple to complex financial products and activities.

Prospero is a Suite of Solutions

Prospero has multiple solutions covering all aspects of financial operations:

Install Solutions Separately and Pay Only for What You Use

SAGE offers different options for accessing Prospero solutions--from on-site installation to managed hosting to a fully outsourced environment.

Any solution can be implemented separately or as an integrated whole–and if required, can interface with your legacy system as part of a best-of-breed approach. We can start implementing any solution as per your requirement and tailor it to your needs and business processes. 

And instead of paying hefty amounts to set up your own hardware and data bank, you can access any functionality of Prospero on SaaS basis as a tactical or strategic solution in our own highly secure data center outside of your office. You therefore pay only for what you use and can focus on the business rather than worrying on technical and maintenance aspects. You will be billed only by the number of users and for the features you use. This can be provided with or without data management and reconciliation. This model is unique in the financial industry as there is no need to install the whole system.

This is especially ideal for medium to small size financial organizations that immediately needs to deploy the system but also for start-up companies. You will save on costs of having an IT team to maintain an application and no software is to be installed on your end. In addition, support, maintenance and upgrades are all-inclusive.

The Simple Way to Get Up and Running Quickly

The installation of Prospero solutions may be simple and quick, but the solutions are able to manage all types of products from the simplest to the most complex.

Prospero solutions are also available via a “Model Implementation” which suits large to medium size financial institutions to help them get up and running quickly–regardless of their locations, product range, and AUM. This is also suitable for established firms that need to quickly deploy a strategic or tactical finance solution.

Prospero solutions install easily with the help of simple, graphical wizards that walk you through the entire process with no complex scripts. You can start working immediately because Prospero solutions come with a pre-configured set of processes, products and reports that work straight from the box. You can then customize your own processes, reports, and add new products as required even without any programming knowledge.

IFRS compliant reporting

Prospero solutions come with an extensive range of functionality to address requirements of both local and international rules and standards. Prospero solutions deliver pre-defined, automated IFRS-compliant accounting templates that cover the accounting requirements of financial institutions. These templates can be used by any firm such as investment banks, private banks, retail banks, asset management firms or any financial institution.

Integrated Report Writer

Prospero solutions have an integrated report writer that easily and efficiently converts your data to generate customized reports, charts and graphs.

  • Create and customize your own reports, statements and fact sheets for bothusers and clients–at all levels
  • User-friendly graphical wizard walks you through each step in the creation of the report
  • Print and export your reports in a variety of formats for ease of analysisincluding PDF, Excel, and HTML formats
  • Create comprehensive, analytical and graphical reports
  • Minimal training required for users to generate reports
  • Deliver your reports via e-mail or on your website through on demand (pull) and event-based (push) delivery modes

Open platform and integrated system

Prospero solutions provide customers with a powerful, open platform for the efficient deployment and management of powerful financial applications. They are integrated applications, enabling enterprise data connectivity with existing legacy environments and rich content management capabilities. Main features are as follows:

  • Real time Integrated system, Front to Back-Office
  • Based on an Oracle Database
  • Front-end is based on a thin client technology
  • CRM is web enabled
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Platform: Windows and Unix
  • Available APIs for smooth integration
  • (J2EE, web services, MQSeries, etc.)

Middleware and Components Support

Prospero's Request Broker (Message Oriented Middleware) provides the middleware technology needed to build distributed banking software applications. Prospero also supports middleware standards such as Enterprise JavaBeans and is integrated with IBM's DataQueue (on iSeries). Prospero features a component framework, enabling firms to integrate external application components and other business processes. 

Easy ERP and Legacy Systems Integration

Prospero platform can be easily and rapidly integrated with ERP and other legacy systems, protecting past investments and enabling organizations to deploy integrated banking IT solutions for maintaining the integrity of business information. Integration is done by using Prospero’s published Web Services.

Robust and Scalable

Moreover, as your business grows, Prospero solutions grow with it. Since the database is scalable and secure, there is virtually no limit to expansion. Prospero can handle large transaction volumes for an unlimited number of portfolios. 

So, regardless of whether your business is growing or fully mature, Prospero solutions can take you to the next level of ingenuity in the financial industry–because, simply explained, Prospero allows financial professionals to focus on what they do best: managing money, not systems.