Prospero Wealth Management Software

Prospero Wealth Management Software is a comprehensive wealth management tool that provides all of the functionality necessary to run a wealth management business across all asset classes, from front office to back office, including General Ledger–without confusing interfaces and hefty maintenance.

Advisory Portfolio
CRM Investment
Investment Plans
Portfolio Management
Web Access Risk Analytics
Strategic & Tactical
Asset Allocation
Rebalancing Portfolio
Pre- and Post-
Trade Checks
Prospero Wealth Management Credit Risk
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Treasury Margin Trading Commissions
and Fee Billing
MIS Reporting Client advices
and statements
Trade Settlement Trade Allocation SWIFT messaging General Ledger

Prospero Wealth Management functional coverage matrix

Cash Deposits DCDs Loans IRS Forex
Derivatives New issues IPOs Stocks Bonds
CDs FRNs T-Bills Convertibles Commodities Private
Funds Hedge Funds Islamic
Real Estate Artwork Direct

Prospero Wealth Management product coverage


  • Includes a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) system for managing and converting leads into clients, and storing all client data, including meeting notes, tasks and correspondence 
  • Calculates fees and commissions for all financial products, and offers more than 50 different criteria (such as tiers, sliding scales, assets and client type)
  • Creates financial plans: provides a questionnaire /fact finder to help you determine the investment profile that best suits your client, then based on the answers you provide, selects the ideal investment profile for your client
  • Trades any financial instrument: works with stocks, bonds, alternative investments, structured products, foreign exchange, mutual funds, money market funds, hedge funds, real estate, derivatives and private equity--and lets you create new products
  • Manages portfolios: lets you create and manage portfolios, compare to benchmarks and model portfolios, and create comprehensive reports
  • Handles Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) in one or several products with automatic allocation
  • Lets you create cash accounts in any currency, and calculates interest using any reference rate type and rate
  • Ensures regulatory compliance; lets you activate pre-trade and post-trade checks and monitor breaches
  • Defines authorization work flows; lets you set authorization steps based on hundreds of criteria; including transaction size, product type and country
  • Processes through to the back office; provides all the back-office functionality you need, and integrates seamlessly with your front-office system, without workarounds, for a true straight-through processing system
  • Monitors collateral for portfolios and pledged portfolios and issues margin calls, with easy configuration of advance and maintenance margins and credit lines and hierarchies for any type of product 
  • Handles inbound and outbound cash transfers, both domestic and international, after subjecting them to pre-defined compliance and credit checks 
  • Processes corporate action events with more than 90 templates, which allows you to manage the full cycle of voluntary and mandatory events, from data cleansing and enrichment to portfolio election, entitlements and direct booking of transactions in portfolios--all through a user-friendly wizard and with a few mouse clicks
  • Lets you set up general ledgers and sub-ledgers, thereby providing financial officers with all the data required to maintain control of your organization's finances and to make sound business decisions
  • Offers a user-friendly, web-enabled dashboard for client-facing finance professionals such as relationship managers, third-party asset managers, and their clients
  • Comes with a full set of standard statements and reports, and lets you customize your own (including language selection)

Potential Users

  • Relationship managers
  • Financial advisors
  • Portfolio managers
  • Traders
  • CEOs
  • CFOs
  • COOs

Get Started Quickly with our Preconfigured Model!

Our Wealth Management applications are programmed with specific parameters–in this case, pre-defined workflows, transactions and reports. These parameters allow you to experience Prospero straight “from the box” with little setup work required. They can be changed as needed.

Prospero - wealth management software